Search Engine Optimisation

Why search engine optimisation?

The idea of the search engine is to deliver the most relevant (website) content relating to the users query. And search engine optimisation (seo) is a way of engineering a webpage/website to perform higher than it would have if no search engine optimisation had taken place.

How is this done? That depends upon who you speak to. There seems to be a lot of people out there with some very certain ideas and rules as to how seo should be done. Keywords do definately make a difference, but they can be over used, and there is the danger of being penalised for engineering your website in this way.

Taking the scientific approach solely is a mistake. It's better to approach it with a creative bent, and a small serving of 'the rules' on the side. It's a knack. It's a 'feeling'. It's working so get it while we're hot.

Design Asylum's SEO services and packages

> Initial seo £99 < One off payment - No repeat fees. What a great price for an equally great google result. Don't let the cheap price tag leave you with any doubt. You'll see it works - and like us you'll see it brings new customers to your business.

> Essential seo £245 < All the essential search engine optimisation requirements covered for £245. Again a once only payment will ensure your website gets seen!

> Complete seo from £400 < Get specific targetted results!


What our customers say about us:

"I am very pleased with the improved search engine results. I tried it for myself and it is nice to see us on google." - Monster Gym [July 09]

... "we paid thousands (of pounds) and you've achieved much more for under £100. How is this possible?" - Active Photography [June 09]

Our notes: Active Photography - a wedding photography company situated in a highly competitive location in their business. No.1 position within two weeks of using our £99 package has put them on the map.

"Outstanding! Bookings are up fourfold. ... Never imagined we would be on the first page of google, but first place! That's beaten all expectations" - Andy Blackhall (proprietor), The Lodge [June 09]

Our notes: After our optimisation The Lodge climbed the ranks to settle at position No.1 in both local and organic searches. After a courtesy call to find out how things were going it was pleasing to hear the high search engine position was having the desired effect and bookings had risen as a direct result.

"Where would we be without you :)" - West London Hash House Harriers [June 09]

Our notes: This (lighthearted) running club relies on the internet to keep visitors, newcomers, along with its members up to date with changing weekly details. It stands to reason they needed to be easily found. Now we've optimised their website they are.

"That's seriously cool. Big points!" - Walpole Court [May 09]

search engine optimization by Design Asylum