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Personal wedding stationery made affordable by Design Asylum: WEDDING STATIONERY
for that special day

For that finishing touch on your special day at a cost that beats regular off the shelf designs. Any wedding stationery items designed to your specifications.

Our personal wedding stationery service is offered exclusively to wedding couples of Active Photography and videographer Peter Hall. We decided this for two reasons. Firstly to keep the service 'fresh and individual' by limiting the offer; Secondly, as you can see from our website we are in the print industry, but we do not intend wedding stationery to be a major focus of our business - instead we aim to keep it an exclusive niche.

All said this does not distract from our ideology which is simple - Affordable Quality.


Please call us on (020) 8838 3555 for your wedding stationery needs.

For affordable quality printing choose Design Asylum.